5 tips for creating your very own she shed

You don’t have to be left out in the cold when your man goes into his cave. Find out how to create your own special she shed.

Most women will be all too familiar with the man cave, that mystical place that reticent husbands often retreat to with whatever troubles may be ailing them.

That doesn’t mean ladies shouldn’t have their own special place to hide away in when they need some good old me-time. In fact, the female response to the man cave – the ‘she shed’ – is a craze that has been sweeping many countries lately.

A she shed is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s your own little corner of the garden that you can personalise with whatever makes you comfortable and where you can just get away from it all.

And best of all, it’s dead simple to set one up. Here are some tips on creating a shed to call your own.

Choose the right shed

First off, you’ll want to select the right kind of structure in which to base your little haven.

There’s a common myth that sheds are dull, lifeless grey boxes with barely enough room to fit a spade or two. Pop into a decent hardware store nowadays and you’ll find a huge range of sheds in all sorts of homely shapes and sizes.

The Stratco Garden Shed, for instance, is a great option. With optional louvre windows, it can certainly make an attractive addition to your backyard.

Now that you’ve got the shell of your shed in place, it’s time to personalise it.

Make it your own

As your own little slice of paradise, your she shed should be an accurate reflection of who you are and what you love. Instead of making it a boring hut to sit in, give it a definite purpose and embellish it with your personal touches.

Bookworms might want to install a bookshelf, a beanbag and some favourite paperbacks to make their she shed their own little reading room. If you’re into arts and craft, set up an easel and plenty of canvas and paint and let your inner Frida Kahlo run wild.

Workaholics may even want to set up a desk and laptop so they can catch up on emails.

Give it a touch of nature

Sure, your she shed might be based right in the heart of your garden, but it certainly won’t hurt to bring a bit of the greenery into your own personal space.

Research over the years have attested to the various benefits – health and otherwise – of keeping plants in your working and living area. One study from Texas A&M University, for instance, found that adding plants and flowers to the office increased workers’ productivity, innovation and problem-solving skills.

Decorating your she shed with a few well-chosen pot plants can therefore not only spruce it up, but also help you feel more ‘in the zone’.

Be resourceful

Creating your own she shed doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, once you’ve set up the shed itself, it’s very easy to decorate and personalise it on a shoestring.

Have a look around local markets, thrift shops and garage sales to see if you can pick up any neat and affordable furnishings. That sad sofa your neighbour has been looking to dump for months may just find a loving new home in your she shed.

One woman’s trash may certainly be the treasure you need to liven up your shed.

Remember: It’s all about you

At the end of the day, your she shed is yours and no one else’s.

How big it is, what it will look like and what you’ll do in it is entirely up to you. So head down to your local Stratco store to get started on your she shed today!